How to Play Poker for Money without Being Cheated

Even those who have nothing to do with gambling heard about sharpers and other sorts of gambling cheaters. It is considered that online poker is a territory free from cheating, and you can play poker for money without any doubts. However, it is not exactly true, and in this small article we will demonstrate some examples.

In offline casino, it may be hard to identify a cheater, because they are real professionals. They are at the top of mastership in hiding their real intentions and emotions, but once they are caught, access to this particular casino will be forbidden for them. In online poker, those incidents are permanently monitored by gambling establishment employers, and the possibilities of cheating are usually narrow. However, due to certain specifics of online gambling, the cheater may return again and again, if he uses dynamic IP-address or proxy-servers. Online gambling cheaters are sometimes much more proficient as compared to their offline colleagues. A good example is “China confederacy” which was operating at one of the top sites, where you can play for money, several years ago. Several players from China took part into games as an organized group. They were playing on high bets, and played up third-party players for big sums of money. After a certain period of time, the confederacy was exposed, and compensation was paid to the victims of such fraud.

Nevertheless, with the modern security systems it is a rare occasion when an individual or a group of people can actually pull off something like that. And any casino that permits, or even commits, and wrongdoings will be shut down for good after the first inspection.